We offer full and half training for those individuals wishing to aspire to ride at the “A” circuit level of competition or for an owner with a younger horse that needs more training. This program ensures that you and your horse will be trained, fit, and ready to compete at the highest levels.

FULL TRAINING – $750/month

This package includes:

  • 5 rides/ lessons a week, no more than three lessons
  • Monthly mane pull
  • Monthly show clip
  • Laundry washed

*no pro-rating of missed services

HALF TRAINING – $600/month

This package includes:

  • 3 lessons/ rides a week on your own horse

LESSONS- $60/each

  • These lessons are taken on your own horse and are 45 minutes in length
  • 8 lessons/month, paid in advance are $440 ($55/each)