We show both locally and nationally at rated and unrated shows in our area, depending on the needs of the clients and the horses. Success is an integral part of our program, but we don’t lose sight of having fun and enjoying the journey!

One or two day unrated shows that we use for our riders and horses to experience what showing is like. It is a fun, relaxed atmosphere at a more economical price point. Most all of these shows also have their own circuit and track year end points as well.

Day fees $75/day
Includes coaching/ riding/ schooling for the day.

Daycare $25/day this includes stall cleaning, feeding. unwrapping, and watering.

Grooming $25/day this includes lunging, bathing, tacking, untacking, tack cleaning.

School horse rental fee $35/day- this is to lease the horse/pony for the day, when you are just in the lesson program and are not currently leasing a horse.

Three to seven day shows requiring the horses and trainer to stay elsewhere overnight and a more elaborate set up for extended showing.
Day fees $100/day
Includes coaching/ riding/ schooling.

Daycare $25/day for feeding, watering, and stall cleaning.
Set up fee – $25 One time charge per customer to cover the costs of curtains and decorations for the show.
Grooming – $25/day for full training clients, $50/day for non-full training customers- includes lunging, bathing, tacking/ untacking , wrapping, unbraiding. Groom should be tipped at end of week in cash.

We will bring grain and supplements, as well as initial hay , but extra hay will be billed at charge.

Medications- billed as necessary.

All bills paid by trainer for customer will incur a $25/per service or 20% charge (whichever is greater)- this includes: braiding, farrier, shavings, chiropractor, office bills.
Tackrooms are split amongst number of horses, not clients.
Trainer hotel – cost divided evenly amongst clients.
Trainer per diem – $40/day divided evenly amongst clients

Groom hotel will be split amongst clients
Transport – $1.25 mile with $100 minimum.
*$250 – $400 deposit towards show bill required when entries are due. This is non-refundable and guarantees you a spot, as well as guaranteed splits for the other clients attending.
If we need an additional golf cart rental, it too will be split amongst the number of client’s attending the show.

Please bring a blank check to the horse show office for entries as well as check for the braider for shows that require braiding.